Get your virtual cue stick and take your chance at free pool games online. Our site has many of your most loved arcade pool games, and they’re all free to play. Play unlimited pool online – all you need is flash player installed. Play different tables, learn cool tips and tricks and get to the leaderboard of the best.

Check out our collection of top-ranked billiard games for you to play and enjoy. These include Billiard Blitz 3, PowerPool, Billiards Master Pro and much more! 8 ball pool games, 9 ball pool games, billiard snooker games – we have them all!

We offer you one of the best online pool games for unlimited fun. You can play against different players or with your buddies in one-on-one matches. Take part and enjoy the tournaments and try to win the billiards crown. Show off your talent by playing against online players and achieve a complete pool game experience!

 How to Play our Pool Games:

You play these games by controlling the direction of the white ball with your mouse. Set the ball speed, target, and shoot, and try to pot the greatest number of shots in the given time.

In most of the games, the main thing you need to do is putting the ball, to set up the right shot towards the best edge and pull your mouse back to increase the force of your shot. You will just need some practice, and after that, you will have the ability to play it right.

So are you ready for the challenge? Enjoy the best billiards pool games online absolutely free. You will get lots of exciting and amazing pool games here.

 1. Billiards Blitz 3 – 9 Ball

billiard-blitz-3-nine-ball-4 billiard-blitz-3-nine-ball-3

In this Nine Ball Billiards game, you have to beat eight tough opponents. It’s a very realistic game that you may find very hard at the beginning. But, as your understanding of the game develops, you will be the expert player. And then you will be able beating almost everyone.

Use the mouse to aim and hold it down to determine the power. At last, release the mouse to strike the cue ball with the stick.

 2. Penthouse Pool

penthouse-pool-single-player-1 penthouse-pool-single-player-2

If you are a pool fan and have a passion for it, this game is perfect for you.  Try to beat the opponent by putting pool balls in! Play online pool game by clicking the link above.

 3. Billiard Straight

billiard-straight-2 billiard-straight-3

The rules of this Billiard game are very simple. The player who will be able to put the 8-ball into the pocket first is the winner.

 4. PowerPool 2

powerpool-2-3 powerpool-2-2

You are going to love this cool pool game for sure as it includes power-ups. You need to get all the balls into the proper place to beat your opponent and do it before your rival gets the chance to do it. It is an exciting game, don’t be surprised if you get addicted to it.

 5. PowerPool 1

powerpool-1-1 powerpool-1-2

This Pool game includes different levels of power-ups! You have to pass 20 levels altogether and to score the maximum points; you have to go through multiplying, exploding and other craziness.

 6. Speed Pool Billiards

speed-pool-billiards-1 speed-pool-billiards-2

It’s one of the hottest pool games, you have ever played. Your aim will be pocketing all the balls as soon as you can as the game has a limited time-frame. At last, you have to submit your best score. Beat the time by scoring huge points.

 7. Billiards Master Pro

billiards-master-pro-1 billiards-master-pro-2

8-Ball: in this case, you have pocketed all the balls of your group – stripes or the solids. And at last aim at the black 8-ball!

Straight Pool: this is entirely different from the 8-ball pool as you need to pocket any 8 balls – it can be the stripes or solids or even be the combination of both; but, 8 balls altogether.

 8. Sexy Billiards

sexy-billiards-1 sexy-billiards-2

This hot pool game is pretty unique compared to the other games on this site. You have to figure out what the “sexy” game means by playing it on your own. Undoubtedly, you are going to love this game. You need to put all the balls into the right pockets before your rival can do it.

 9. Billiards Blitz 2

billiard-blitz-2-3 billiard-blitz-2-2

Get up dude and play pool online free! Sharpen your billiards talent with some British style. It’s time to play!

 10. Trick Blast Billiards 2

trick-blast-billiards-2-3 trick-blast-billiards-2-2

This is a quite challenging pool game. You have to put all the Pool balls into the pockets before that explosion.

 11. Funky Billiard

funky-billiard-1 funky-billiard-2

You are going to enjoy this exciting flash billiard game. Pocket all the red balls to win the trophy. But, remember, you have to avoid the white ball always.

If somehow you sink the white ball, you are required to start the game all over again. 5 levels to pass. Determine the angle by clicking the left mouse and then shoot.

 12. Billiards Single Player

billiard-single-player-1 billiard-single-player-2

This a quick 8 ball billiard game, where you need to put the maximum possible balls into the pocket before the fixed time comes to an end. When you shoot all the balls, you will be provided with a new rack of 14 balls.

 13. Gokogames 8 Ball

gokogames-8-ball-1 gokogames-8-ball-2

Free online pool game with 1 or 2 players. Play this 8 ball pool game either against the AI or the real human opponent.

 14. Billiards Blitz: Snooker Star

billiard-blitz-snooker-star-1 billiard-blitz-snooker-star-2

Snooker is considered as the father of all billiards games! You are going to challenge a lot of AI players in this Billiard Blitz Snooker Star. You can choose the tournament or the quick play mode, and there is an excellent opportunity to earn a lot of trophies.

Take enough time to carefully read through the rules and instructions. It can be a bit more complicated than the simple pool, but truly, it’s worthy of the effort you invest. Once you can figure out the way of playing, it will open up a treasure of tricks and tactics before you.

 15. Pool Profi

pool-profi-1 pool-profi-3

All you need to do in this free pool online is pocketing all the red balls. The mouse can control the speed and the direction of the white ball.

 16. Axifer Billiard

axifer-billiards-2 axifer-billiards-1

A lot of patience – a basic requirement to play any game of Billiards. You need to invest a lot of time, effort and concentration. You need to go through the rules and instructions and understand them very well to win the game.

Click the mouse to shoot the ball. However, it won’t be that easy to win the game, if your opponent is the AI. AI is always a tough player to beat in all the games, and it’s superb at billiards. You can enjoy the game with your companions and have a great fun time.

 17. 3D Speed Pool

3d-speed-pool-1 3d-speed-pool-3

Do you have a passion for billiards? If you have, you will enjoy this 3D pool game a lot! Pick up the cue stick and start pocketing the balls! You will use the mouse to set the speed and the angle of each shot.

 18. Power Billiards

power-billiards-1 power-billiards-3

Figure out how well you can handle the cue stick! Free pool table game to play.

 19. Billiards Pocket

billiards-pocket-1 billiards-pocket-3

Before entering the tournament, practice your pocketing talents in Billiards Pocket game.

 20. Mini pool

minipool-1 minipool-2

Another fantastic pool game with great fun and excitement.

 21. 8 Disc Pool

8-disc-pool-2 8-disc-pool-1

You need to aim the cue towards the discs using your mouse. You can increase the power of the shot by holding the mouse a little longer and then shoot the ball to pocket the discs. You will earn more points if you can pocket the discs. You will be able to move to the next level if you can make the target points within the fixed time limit.

 22. Billiard Blitz Hustle

billiard-blitz-hustle-2 billiard-blitz-hustle-3

Your aim will be reaching to the pool hall. You need to beat many tough opponents and to win the bronze, silver and the gold cup gradually. You are also required to earn a lot of money to make it to the pool hall. All is set, just start playing this free pool game online!

 23. 9 Ball Knockout

9-ball-knockout-2 9-ball-knockout-4

Develop your billiards talents to be the 9-Ball Knockout champ! You are going to face many real players in this online pool tournament. You can score on every turn by discovering the way the ball bounces off the walls. Don’t let anyone knock you down.

 24. American 9-Ball Pool

american-9-ball-pool-1 american-9-ball-pool-2

This game combines time attacks, challenges, and 9-Ball Pool tournaments in the same frame. If you want to upgrade your pub ranking, you have to win the cups. What do you think? Can you make the long way to the rank #1?

 25. English Pub Pool

english-pub-pool-1 english-pub-pool-2

It’s an excellent game perfect for any fan of pool game. You should try to beat the opponent by pocketing the balls. It can appear as a challenge to you, yet makes the game more exciting and interesting. Apply all you have learned ever and give the best you got to win the trophy.

 26. Pub Snooker

pub-snooker-1 pub-snooker-3

Want to face the ultimate billiards challenge? Play the Pub Snooker. You can play the game in Time Attacks or snooker Challenges mode. You will also have the option to take part in the Snooker tournaments against the AI.

Earn more than 50 trophies to obtain the top scores as well as special shots and big breaks. You need to have proper spin control and fantastic billiards physics as well. It can be claimed that it’s a complete online flash snooker game.

If you are passionate about a snooker match, you are indeed going to love this Pub Snooker. If you are capable of beating the Magician challenge, you can show that you are a real snooker champ.

 27. Billiard

billiard-2 billiard-1

One of many free online pools games on our site. What you want to play – Straight or 8-Ball?

 28. Billares

billares-1 billares-2

This arcade mode game is very popular among the players. You may pick the “striped” or the “smooth” balls and then start to put them into the pockets. Carambola staff and dazzle effects are also included in this game.

 29. Acool Billiards

acool-billiards-1 acool-billiards-2

The Qualifying Competition is back again! Get ready for competing with the best players in the world. Let’s see who’s going to score the highest points during 3 minutes.

 30. Red vs. Blue Billiard

red-vs-blue-billiard-1 red-vs-blue-billiard-3

This game is not as simple as the 8-ball pool. There will be 16 balls on the board, including 7 red balls, 7 blue balls, a white cue ball and the black eight-ball. Begin the game with a break shot and then it will be decided whether you are pocketing the red balls or the blue balls based on the color of the ball you have pocketed in the breaking shot. In case, you pot the 8-ball in the breaking shot, you will be the winner.

Did you know there are many different pool game styles and different rules? There are 8-ball, 9-ball, even 3-ball games. Also one-pocket or bank-pool games. to find out more about these games, check out Wikipedia article.

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